Deeper Life Bible Church, Chicago is the regional headquarter of Central 1, one of the 9 regions in the United States. These regions constitute the Deeper Christian Life Ministry organizational and administrative structure headed by the General Superintendent, Dr William F. Kumuyi. The Central 1 region is headed by Pastor Ike Okafo, who has the task of overseeing the Deeper Life churches in the states of Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and Missouri.
The church was planted in 1994 by Pastor Thompson Aderemi, at the time the church was situated in Rogers Park on the north side of Chicago. In 1996 the leadership of the Chicago church was handed to Pastor Ike Okafo.
In 2003, two additional churches were planted in the Chicago suburbs; one of them at Markham, a city located 20 miles south of the Chicago and the other at Schaumburg, a city located 30 miles northwest of Chicago. The Rogers Park church remained the functional headquarters.

In 2006, the church moved from Rogers Park to the Chicago lawn community on the Southwest of Chicago. The Markham church operation was put on hold and the Chicago Lawn church located at 5954 S. Albany Avenue became the Church headquarters in the state of Illinois. Pastor Ike Okafo leads the English service congregation, while Pastor Joaquin Samano leads the Spanish service congregation.

The church l in Schaumburg, situated at 1100 W. Higgins Road, Hoffman Estate is led by Pastor Israel Sodimu.
In the spring of 2010 another church was planted at 4300 N. Hermitage Avenue, Chicago and Pastor Felix Imarenezor and Pastor Pious Okoro lead this congregation in the Ravenswood community in Chicago’s north side.

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